Volunteer This Spring Break
Volunteer This Spring Break

Looking for a meaningful way to give back? Sign up to volunteer at HSHS for break shifts! When many of our regular student volunteers leave campus over spring break, we need your help keeping the shelter open.

A Brighter Future for Cambridge’s Homeless
A Brighter Future for Cambridge’s Homeless

At HSHS, we strive to ensure our guests a warm and friendly environment where they feel safe, cared for, and respected.

Stay With Us
We offer two-week, one-night, and extended stay work contract beds throughout the duration of our season – that is, from the evening of November 1st through the morning of April 15th.
Volunteer With Us
Join hundreds of college students and community members who are making a difference and volunteering in different capacities at the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter.
Support Us
The Harvard Square Homeless Shelter relies on the generosity of individual donors, alumni, and other friends of HSHS who understand the value of our programming and services.

The Harvard Square Homeless Shelter serves the community of individuals experiencing homelessness in Cambridge and Boston. The student staff and volunteer network comprised of students and community members work together to provide guests with shelter, food, security, and a supportive environment of mutual respect. In addition to providing these fundamental needs, we work individually with those who seek our assistance as they strive to attain their own goals and make the transition into independent living. [more]

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