Street Team

The Street Outreach Team is a fully incorporated program of the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter that consists of trained volunteers and substitutes.

Each night, a group of four volunteers arrives at the Shelter around 7:45 PM to prepare food and pack up supplies before going out into Harvard Square. Then, throughout the evening, Street Team provides individuals experiencing homelessness with basic amenities such as food, blankets, toiletries, and socks. In addition, Street Team volunteers distribute information about available resources (i.e. health care, job searches, food during the day, etc.), refer individuals to local shelters, and build relationships with people sleeping outside.

The commitment for Street Team consists of an initial full-day training in October, participating in one weekly night shift from about 7:45 PM to 10:00 PM, and coming to an hour-long meeting for additional training once a month. Street Team shifts are a low-time commitment but have incredibly high rewards.

We welcome those who have prior experience working with people who are homeless, but none is necessary. Street Team looks for volunteers who are enthusiastic, compassionate, non-judgmental, and willing to brave the cold.

Looking to learn more or get involved? Contact us at [email protected].