Harvard Square Summer Shelter

Harvard Square Summer Shelter (previously called St. James’s Summer Shelter) is open for seven and a half weeks each summer. Each guest is provided with a permanent bed for the duration of the program; three meals a day; access to a case manager who helps them set and accomplish short-term and long-term goals; access to job and housing search counselors; and a number of other amenities.

Application information will be posted in the coming weeks. More information can be found at http://pbha.org/programs/harvard-square-summer-shelter/ or by emailing [email protected].

Note that there is no lottery in the summer because guests stay for the duration of the program.

More Information

The Harvard Square Summer Shelter is a transitional housing program designed for individuals who are motivated to find permanent or long term housing, who either have a job or have supplemental income to satisfy the program savings requirement. Successful guests should also be able to live well with others in a close-knit community. The Summer Shelter provides a permanent bed for the duration of the program, access to a shower, dinner and breakfast and, upon request, meals to take to work, locker storage, on-site laundry, access to a temporary mailing address, passes for transportation on the MBTA, Internet access, and a printer. The shelter will also cover nominal fees associated with applying for certain documents. At least once a week, guests meet with their assigned case manager to discuss goals for the summer and progress towards achieving them.


  1. Applicants must have a stable form of income (either through employment and/or government assistance and/or alimony)
  2. Applicants must be able to save $100-200 per week for the duration of the program depending on sources of income.
  3. Applicants must be clean and sober within the shelter space at all times.
  4. Applicants must interview in person with shelter directors to be considered for the program and bring their two most recent pay stubs or documentation of benefits.