Stay With Us

Fall 2021: HSHS is open. Lotteries for 3-week beds occur on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. To enter, call (888) 285-4038 on between 7:30am and 8am on those days. At 8:10am, results will be announced on our voicemail and posted on our front door. Many nights, we hold a lottery for 1-night emergency beds. To check if one is occurring and enter, call 888) 285-4038 between 9pm and 9:30pm. Call to ask about results between 9:40pm and 10:30pm.

There are people who don’t feel safe in other shelters, but feel safe here.

Harvard Square Homeless Shelter (HSHS) is a dry shelter open from November 1 until April 15. The shelter is located at the corner of Winthrop Street and Dunster Street in the basement of the University Lutheran Church right next door to Pinocchio’s Pizza.

Our Shelter

Season: Evening of November 1st – Morning of April 15th

Hours: 7 PM to 8 AM, except on Saturday mornings when shelter remains open until 9 AM

Phone617-547-2841; Toll Free 1-888-285-4038

Reserving A Bed

Three-Week Beds

We lottery all 21-night beds. Callers may call in on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays between 7:30 AM and 8 AM to put their name in the lottery at which point the caller will receive a lottery number. The lottery will be run between 8 AM and 8:05 AM. People may call back between 8:05 AM and 8:30 AM as well as between 7 PM and 9 PM to find out if their lottery number was picked. Lottery numbers that have been selected (but not names) will also be posted on the shelter door during the day.

One-Night Beds

When a guest with a reserved three-week bed is not able to make it to the shelter that night, their bed is open for others to use as an emergency one night bed. Call in the evening between 9 PM and 9:30 PM to check if a lottery will be run and to enter the lottery for a one-night bed. The lottery will be run between 9:30 PM and 9:40 PM. People may call back after 9:40 PM to find out if their lottery number was picked. Lottery numbers that have been selected (but not names) will also be posted on the shelter door at this time. Occasionally, beds will remain unfilled by 11:00 PM, in which case a second one-night bed lottery is held between 11:00 PM and 11:10 PM. People may call during this period to enter this lottery and call back after 11:15 PM to find out the selected lottery numbers.

Nightly Schedule 

7:00pm Shelter opens.
8:00pm approx. Dinner served.
9:00pm Call by this time to say you are “Not-In-Tonight” (NIT) or “In Late” if you won’t be in by 9pm. If notice of an NIT is not received by 9pm, your bed will be lotteried off for the evening. If you do not call to reclaim it by 7:30am, you will lose your bed. You can take up to 4 NITs during a 21-night stay.
9:00-9:30pm Call to lottery for a 1-night emergency bed.
10:30pm Lights out. Quiet time begins.
11:00pm If you have given notice that you will be in late, you must be in by this

time. If you have not arrived by 11:00pm, your bed for the night will be lotteried off. If you do not call to reclaim it by 7:30am, you will lose your bed. A lottery is held from 11:00-11:10pm for beds unclaimed by 11:00pm. You may call during this time to lottery for one of these beds. Call back at 11:15pm for the winning lottery numbers.

12:00am Guard leaves. Door closes for the night with no exceptions.
4:00am Earliest time to leave shelter in the morning without warning.
7:00am approx.

Sat: ~8:00am

Lights on. Breakfast served. On Saturdays, breakfast is served at 8:00am.
7:30-8:00am Call to lottery for a 21-night bed on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays only.

Sat: 9:00am

All guests must leave the shelter by 8:00am on Sunday-Friday and 9:00am on Saturday. If you leave at 8:01am (9:01am on Sat.) you will receive a warning.
When does my stay end?

Unless you have an emergency 1-night bed, your stay ends after 21 nights. Let us know prior to 9:00pm on any nights that you are unable to come in. Please note that nights spent outside of the shelter (NITs) do not extend your 21-night stay unless you took an NIT for a documented overnight hospitalization. If you do not come in on a night of your stay and have not notified us by 7:30am the following morning, you lose the remainder of your 21-night stay.

When can I reenter the 21-night lottery?

Following the end of your 21-night stay, you begin a “7-out,” in which you are unable to lottery for a 21-night bed for 7 days. For example, if you leave the shelter on a Thursday morning, you can enter the 21-night lottery the following Thursday morning. You may still enter the 9:00–9:30pm and 11:00–11:10pm lotteries for a 1-night emergency bed in that time.